How to Dry Rose Petals

In Two Minutes!

Why dry your own rose petals?

Commercial dried rose petals are expensive! Save money on rose petals for crafts, or preserve petals from your own garden!

We tested several methods for how to preserve flowers, and the best way to dry rose petals was surprising - the microwave!

What kind of roses should I use?

Use any rose you like! Home grown or store bought roses work equally well for dried petals.

Store-bought roses are very convenient. You can dry the petals before they wilt to extend their life. You could also pick up roses on sale after Valentine's day to save some cash!

Home-grown roses are great for making your own dried rose petals because you know exactly what's on them. If you don't use pesticides or sprays you will know that the petals are safe!

Carefully remove the petals from your roses and place them on a paper towel. Place the towel on a plate and into the microwave for two minutes. That's it!

How to dry rose petals:

What can I use dried rose petals for?

Tea! If you grow your own roses and don't use chemicals or pesticides, dried rose petals are a great addition to homemade tea blends.

Potpourri! Crushed rose petals give off a wonderful scent, whether on their own or mixed with essential oils.

Dried rose petals are also great for crafting! They can be used in paper-making to make wonderful journal-paper or wrapping-paper.

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