Hi, We’re Laura & Warren Kennedy

All our information on this site is collected from 10 years of hands-on experience and extensive research in horticulture. I (Laura) have been blogging for six years, and recently, my husband (Warren) left his career to do this wild thing with me!

In 2021 we moved to the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, where we’re working to develop our land into a prosperous self-sufficient food paradise.

Last summer, we built a 5000-square-foot vegetable garden and started work on improving drainage on our very weedy and overgrown five acres. In the next two years, we’ll build greenhouses, plant fruit and nut orchards, and create a for-market cut flower garden. And that is just the start!

In the middle of all that, we’re also renovating our 165-year-old home and working towards our certifications as Master Gardeners.

We try to keep busy.

Why We Do what We Do!

At Little Yellow Wheelbarrow, we believe in living a simple, sustainable, and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Our mission is to inspire and educate people on the joys of gardening and self-sufficiency. Whether you live in a city, suburban area, or on a farm, anyone can grow their food and learn a new skill, and we want to teach you how.

We’re excited to share our journey with you and maybe inspire you to start your own little food paradise.

What You Can Count on With Us

Our information on this site is through experience, education, and extensive research.

We do not collect information directly from the internet. You get 100% researched and accurate information you can trust here at Little Yellow Wheelbarrow.  

We also never recommend anything we haven’t tested ourselves extensively; this is why you will not find many affiliate links or sponsored posts on our site. We only work with partner companies that fit our brand and beliefs and only recommend products that work for us, so we know they will work for you.

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