Warren Kennedy is the skilled builder, editor, and videographer behind Little Yellow Wheelbarrow’s creative projects. Two years ago, he retired from his full-time career to pursue his passion for creativity and partnered with his wife Laura to help develop and build both Little Yellow Wheelbarrow and the dream garden that makes this website possible.

Where Is Warren From?

Originally hailing from Chilliwack, BC, Warren spent most of his adult life in the vibrant city of Vancouver, embracing its diverse culture and scenic beauty. His journey later took him to Saskatchewan, where he continued to explore his passions and skills before finally setting down roots in Nova Scotia.

In the Media

Warren’s inventive projects have caught the eye of notable platforms like Pioneer Woman and Hunker and have helped land larger project opportunities from brands like Disney.

Reader Favorites

Warren’s contributions, particularly those that marry his building prowess with videography skills, are highly valued by our audience. Here are some projects that have captivated our readers:

Fun Facts About Warren

  • Warren’s craftsmanship extends beyond gardening projects; he’s an exceptional woodworker.
  • He has energetically renovated two-century homes, including the 165-year-old Victorian home he now resides in, showcasing all his skills and abilities.
  • An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Warren has explored Canada and the US on two wheels, embracing the freedom and adventure that riding offers.
  • Warren has a soft spot for Lego and video games, highlighting his playful and creative spirit.
  • He’s also a big ol softie for any fluff monster on four legs.

Connect with Warren

Warren is always eager to discuss building projects, share videography tips, or connect with fellow creative minds and enthusiasts.