Easy Christmas Decorations to Make for your Rustic Holiday Tree.

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This year I am hunting for a few easy Christmas decorations to make for my Christmas tree.  I am changing the theme this year, and I am not interested in spending a fortune on holiday ornaments.

I can make a few dozen ornaments myself, supplement from my old stuff and pull together a nifty tree.

I’m mixing it up, too; I’m calling my Christmas decorations this year rustic glam.  A few rustic elements, sparkly gold elements, lots of creams, natural greens, and a pop of creamy pink.

Very different from prior years, but I wanted to do something a bit more refined- no idea how it will turn out, but here’s to hoping it works out in the end!


Cotton Macarame Cording and why it’s a new favorite material.

I am enamored with cotton cording.

It’s naturally creamy, a bit rough and very textured.  It’s the texture that I love.  It imparts this natural feel to anything you make with it.

I’ve used it to make crochet coasters, a really pretty crochet wreath, and even rimmed a few knitted baskets with cotton cording.  Every single time I loved the outcome.

It’s very inexpensive material and works up beautifully every time.



Supplies & Tools Required

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I only ever recommend what tools or materials I use for my projects.  I also test all my projects before publishing and if something doesn’t work, I don’t share it!  ~


Tools required


Step 1

Add a slip loop to your crochet hook.

Step 2

For those of you who know how to crochet, you’re going to chain an extended length of cording.

If you’re unsure how to chain, take a look at the photo below.

Start by wrapping your cording around your crochet hook as shown below.


Step 3

Once your cording is hooked, pull it through the loop.


Step 4

Continue this way until your chain is about a 100cm long.  Don’t cut it, just leave your crochet hook in the last loop.   You want to make sure that you have enough cotton cording chained before you cut the tail, if it is too short you can add a few extra chains.


Step 5

I used my Rub n Buff to add a bit of gold texturizing to my metal ornament tops. Completely optional, but because I was going with a gold and pink theme this year, I wanted to try to eliminate the silver.  I did not get fussy with it because I wanted it to look chippy.

The Rub n Buff is applied with a gloved finger.  It is super easy to use and does dry very quickly.

Insert the starting end of the chain into the glass ball and add the top metal piece over it to keep in place.

Use a glue gun to add a few drops of glue and start winding your chain around your ball.  Go slow, the adhesive is hot, and if you try to go too fast, you’ll get a burn, or make a mess (like I did!).


Step 6

To get a tight stitch look, be sure to push your rows together as you wrap the cording around your ornament.

If you get to the bottom and your chain is not long enough just chain a few more on your crochet hook and glue them in place.



Step 7

When you get to the bottom, slip your tail through the last loop and give a gentle pull.  Add a dab of glue from the glue gun and press it into place.

Snip off any additional cording.


Step 8

Let the glue on your ornaments dry for about 5 minutes.


Step 9

Add your ribbon, and you’re finished!

Because this cording is 100% cotton you can dye your ornaments any colour you want.  These are easy Christmas decorations to make your own and customize for your holiday theme.

Change the bow, add a bit of burlap, glue on some bits or bobs, and you have your own style of ornaments.


Easy Christmas Decorations to Make Yourself.

If you want some easy Christmas decorations to make for your holiday tree, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can make one of these, start to finish, in about 10 minutes.  They look knitted or crocheted, but you don’t need to get all fancy or spend a lot of time with a crochet hook.

I love the texture, and the color and they give a very rustic vibe.   I love how they turned out.

If you want more easy Christmas decorations to make for the holidays, check back.  I am going to have several of these types of projects leading up to the holidays as I work my way through my new rustic glam theme  (I know that sounds stupid, but I couldn’t make up my mind ok!).  It’s a mashup!

If you have any suggestions or have any ornaments you would like to see as a DIY, leave a comment or drop me an email and I will see if I can make it happen as a tutorial.

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