Wreath Supplies You Need To Make Make A Perfect Wreath

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If you want to start making your own DIY wreaths, there are a few wreath supplies you’ll need in order to make that perfect wreath. Check out this list of basic wreath-making supplies to have on hand to make the job much easier and more enjoyable.

If you’ve been around here for very long, you’ve probably seen at least one of the DIY wreaths I’ve made. Wreaths are such a versatile home decor item, that I love having them for holidays and different seasons too!

And one day it occurred to me that I could make my wreaths myself instead of spending a small fortune to buy wreaths made by other people. After some research, experimenting, and learning, I’m happy to say I have now made several wreaths myself. 

It’s much easier than you may think!

Beautiful Christmas wreath of fresh spruce on the white door. Entrance to the house.

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While I go over the specific supplies as well as the process for making each specific wreath in its respective post, I thought it might be helpful to go over a basic list of useful wreath-making supplies that would be useful to have on hand before you tackle your first wreath project!

Must-Have Wreath Supplies

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I’m covering all the basic supplies you need as well as a few supplies that I would consider to be slightly “more advanced” for anyone who wants to take their wreath-making to the next level.

Wreath Base

In order to make a wreath, you need a wreath base. There are no more important wreath supplies!

Choose between a few different styles: 

Fabric, Yarn, Ribbon OR Mesh

Once you have your wreath base, then you need to build on it to create your wreath. That’s where these wreath-making supplies come into play. 

You can make loops and poofs with mesh, bows with ribbon, rag wreaths with fabric strips, and crochet and knit versions with yarn.

And with all the different types, colors, and varieties available, your options for creativity are endless!

Wreath making supplies on a bright white table top.  Fiskars scissors, ribbon, fabric quarters and a wire wreath form.


Wire cutters are a “must-have”, not a “would be nice to have,” because anytime you need to cut something with wire, you need wire cutters. Scissors won’t get the job done, and even if they did occasionally, the wire would dull the scissor blades.

Wire cutters also work well when cutting floral stems!

Wreath supplies on a rustic table top.  A wire wreath form with floral wire, pliers, and wire cutters.


I’ve seen some people use their scissors for cutting wire which will dull the scissors. Use your scissors only for cutting fabric, ribbon, yarn, and mesh so they stay sharp (and don’t fray the items you cut).

I personally love Fiskars Razor Sharp scissors. They really are razor-sharp, and stay that way for longer than other brands.

Wreath making supplies on a dark wood table top.   An orange halloween wreath in progress with a pair of scissors cutting a piece of orange felt.


A rotary cutter is often used for fabric and sewing projects, but I’ve found that it’s a tremendous time-saver when cutting ribbons, mesh, or fabric for your wreath projects. It also helps to reduce the amount of fraying when you cut materials, so it’s definitely one of my top wreath-making supplies.

My go-to again is Fiskars brand. They are sharp sharp sharp and stay that way for a long time.


If you use a rotary cutter, you’ll want to do your cutting on a cutting mat to protect your workspace.

The other benefit to a cutting mat is the ruler grid. It helps make quick (and accurate) work of measuring and cutting your wreath-making supplies such as ribbon or fabric.

I found this great little set Fiskars Brand set that comes with a mat and a cutter.


Using a hot glue gun is a HUGE time saver and improves the quality of your work when you want to attach items such as florals to your wreath. Adding a liberal amount of hot glue helps to hold everything in place.

While you don’t need an expensive hot glue gun, I do recommend buying a larger, more professional glue gun. The small crafter’s guns won’t be heavy-duty enough for what you need.

If you purchase a hot glue gun, don’t forget to buy glue sticks too! We found this great little gorilla glue gun set with dual heat settings that come with glue sticks. It’s the perfect set for wreath making.

Note: Your hot glue gun will get very hot and it can sometimes drip a little bit of glue while sitting on the table. The glue gun I recommend comes with a stand to rest on (and catch hot glue).

However, if you purchase a glue gun that doesn’t have one, spend the extra few dollars to buy a stand or a pad. It will be well worth the money. 

A glue gun and glue sticks used to make wreaths.


When you want to attach something very securely, use zip ties! They work well for attaching signs, floral sprays, and other accessories. In fact, nothing beats them. 

I recommend using either the 6” size or the 8” size. (we prefer the 8 inches for larger wreaths).

This item is best found at a dollar store. I can usually pick up a fairly large package for a dollar.


These come in handy when you want to attach items to your wreath as well. In fact, they’re “must-have” wreath supplies.

While they aren’t quite as “heavy-duty” as zip ties, they work really well for attaching florals, bows, and light signs to your wreath. 

The real benefit to using pipe cleaners is that you can attach two pipe cleaners together when you want to attach a large bow or another large (but lightweight) item.


These are very good, all-around wreath-making supplies. I use them in many different ways and couldn’t live without them! Needle nose pliers come in handy for twisting wire around florals, balls, and general nic nacks.


If you want to attach cute signs to your wreaths, then you’ll need a heavy-duty stapler (and pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun). The stapler is for attaching your pipe cleaner to your sign so you can secure it to your wreath.

I worked at an office supply company for over 20 years and grew a serious fondness for my Swingline stapler. I still have it to this day and It still works like a charm.


If you don’t work with metal signs, you won’t need this. However, if you do want to attach metal signs, this time-saving tool will make punching holes in your metal signs easy peasy.


This has a similar purpose as zip ties and pipe cleaners. Use florist wire (I recommend 22-gauge) to secure signs and other elements to your wreaths.


Floral picks are so handy for attaching ribbon, mesh, and ornaments to styrofoam or grapevine wreath bases. The key to using them is to add some hot glue to secure the pick in place so nothing comes loose.


Floral tape is fun to work with because it becomes sticky when you stretch the tape and will stick to itself. It comes in a few different colors to blend into different wreath bases and works to secure florist wire to florals when adding them to wreath bases.

If you want to work with florals, the floral tape is one wreath supply item you can’t live without.


Signs are something that is completely optional when it comes to wreath making. But, they can definitely add a fun element to your wreaths. Plus, signs work well with certain types of wreaths (mesh or grapevine) and not as well with others (knit or crochet).


Making bows isn’t for everyone, but if you want to try your hand at it, I recommend getting a bow maker to help with the learning curve. If you don’t want to make bows, then don’t worry about having this item in your wreath supply arsenal.

Where Can I Buy Wreath Supplies?

Once hard to find, wreath-making is now popular enough that you can find wreath-making supplies in many places. Here are a few places to look:

Wreath making supplies on a bright white table top.  In the centre a heart shaped wreath can be seen with bright pink pom poms being attached.

I hope this list of supplies for wreath making helps you to stock up on the tools you need – and not buy the tools you don’t need. I know firsthand how having the right tools in your arsenal will help you on your wreath-making journey. 

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