Helpful Checklist of Must-Have Indoor Gardening Supplies

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No matter what you want to grow indoors, there are a few indoor gardening supplies you need that will make all the difference in your indoor gardening experience. Use this helpful checklist to make sure you have the right tools for the job!

Potted plants and indoor gardening supplies on a white table.

Several years ago, before I was ever married or had a family, I was at a friend’s house having dinner. She had several indoor houseplants beautifully and strategically located around the entertaining area. I just remember noticing not only the plants but the energy they imparted into the room.

It was calming and grounding and just felt like home. I probably felt that way because my mom had always had houseplants (even though I never gave them a second thought at the time) 😉

Studies have shown that growing plants indoors provides many benefits to the household, including:

  • Adding beauty
  • Improving concentration and productivity
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Boosting your mood
  • Improving air quality

Indoor Gardening Supplies: Lessons From An African Violet

The day after I had that dinner with my friend, I went out and bought my first houseplant. It was an African Violet. If I had known at the time how temperamental they could be for beginner gardeners, I might have chosen a spider plant or a snake plant!

But, I loved its beauty, so an African Violet was what I brought home.

Over time, that little African Violet gave me fits (and had a few fits of its own too!), but it also gave me the gift of starting on my journey of learning how to care for indoor plants.

I learned about the tools and supplies that I needed to have on hand. I learned patience and accountability. But most of all, I learned how much I love having a piece of nature so close.

And, ever since then, I have always grown indoor plants!

As my life has gotten busier, I’ve had to recognize that I simply don’t have the time to pander to fussy plants. I may stick with fuss-free plants now, but it’s worth it because I love the atmosphere and other benefits that indoor plants provide.

Must-Have Checklist Of Indoor Gardening Supplies

No matter what type of project you want to do (gardening, crocheting, building a deck, etc), having the right tools can mean the difference between success and, well, frustration.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of tools to get the job done when it comes to gardening! I’ve created a checklist of essential indoor gardening supplies to help you have the right tools on hand, every time. Some items on this list will mostly apply to beginner gardeners, but some may even surprise more experienced gardeners!

Here’s my list of must-have indoor gardening supplies to take care of your succulents, houseplants, herb gardens, and vegetable starters.

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There is nearly an endless selection of planters and pots to choose from! From decorative to hanging pots, there’s something for everyone.

I personally love to use self-watering containers when possible because I sometimes forget to water my precious plants.

Plant Saucers

I wish I had figured out much sooner just how useful these circle-shaped trays are. It would have saved me countless amounts of time cleaning up water that drained out of my pots! No matter your experience level, having a few plant saucers (in different sizes) is a must.

In addition to catching excess water, plant trays also serve as:

  • Humidity trays
  • Planting containers for seedlings
  • Miniature garden containers

Plant Stands

Low on counter space? With plant stands, that’s not a concern at all!

These handy stands allow you to really showcase your plants without taking up precious counter real estate. You can buy them in many different designs and configurations to provide a beautiful visual complement to your plants.

Seed Starter Tray

This is a must for anyone who wants to start a vegetable garden before it’s warm enough to plant the seeds directly into the ground. Even when it’s warm enough to plant directly outside, you run the risk of poor weather or animals preventing your seeds from germinating.

Seed starter trays have individual compartments. They make the best indoor gardening supplies list because they allow you to control the environment to ensure a maximum seed germination rate. Then, once your seedlings are large enough to withstand outdoor conditions, you can transplant them outside.

Note: If you plan to start your own seedlings, make sure to grab a large single seedling tray to hold your compartment tray so that it catches the water.

Basic Fertilizer

As you water your plants, and they continue to grow, soil nutrients naturally get washed out of the soil or used by the plants. Every now and then you need to add important nutrients back into the soil.

That’s where using a basic fertilizer comes in handy. If you just walk to the fertilizer aisle, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed looking at all the options. I recommend starting with basic, indoor plant fertilizer. You can find them in different forms such as liquid, powders, pellets, or slow-release stakes. 

It doesn’t matter which form you choose, so go with the one that you feel most comfortable using.

Small Watering Can

If you don’t have a small watering can, you don’t have the essential indoor gardening supplies every gardener needs. I’ve tried watering my plants with cups, bowls, and other containers. Do you know what I got when I did that? A mess!

I have had the same small watering can for around 15 years and still love it. It’s a simple plastic design with a long narrow spout that allows me to water my plants down close to the soil and avoid cleaning up water that rolls off the leaves.

There are great metal watering cans available, too, if that’s your thing. The one design element that I highly recommend is that long narrow spout.

Handheld Sprayer

Household pests happen whether you like them or not. You can get them even if you don’t grow indoor plants, so don’t let them deter you from the many benefits that indoor plants provide. 

However, there will be times when you look at your plants and see pests. It’s a nuisance for sure, but having a handheld sprayer makes the task of evicting them much easier!

Just as there are many designs available for watering cans or plant stands, the same can be said for sprayers. 

I recommend investing in a design that delivers a fine mist. It may cost slightly more, but it’s worth it to be able to effortlessly get your neem oil or insecticidal soap into those tiny crevices where pests hide.

Neem Oil

The neem tree’s oil contains natural pesticide properties, making it a natural way to show those pests the (metaphorical) door. 

It’s usually brown or yellow and has a bitter taste. The active component that kills and repels pests is called Azadirachtin, and it works like a charm – naturally and chemical-free! 

Clay Pots

When it comes to growing plants that like to live on the drier side of life, clay pots will be your best friend because they are porous and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. 

Be sure to plant your succulents, cacti, or rosemary in clay pots to prevent them from unintentional drowning or suffering from root rot.

Succulents in clay pots.

Pruning Shears

Do you like to keep your plants neatly trimmed or want to take cuttings for propagation purposes? Invest in a pair of sharp pruners that are solely used for gardening to ensure a clean, sharp cut every time.

A gardener's hand holding pruning shears, one of the most important indoor gardening supplies.

Plant Caddies

Some plants naturally stay small while others can grow quite large. Since I’ve had houseplants for many years now, I have a couple that have reached the size (and weight) that makes them really difficult to move. 

As far as indoor gardening supplies go, investing in plant caddies was an inspired decision because now I can simply roll my heavy plants around to clean behind them or turn them for a boost of light to promote even growth. Easy peasy!


If you want to grow vines, I think having a trellis is essential for guiding your vines where you want them to grow rather than letting them simply run wild. 

Make sure that any trellis you invest in will fit in your pot and anchor firmly into the soil. You do NOT want your trellis falling over and breaking your vine stems!

A seedling plant growing up a trellis in a pot.

Basic indoor gardening Supplies (plus a few Extras)

There are other indoor gardening supplies you may need, depending on the type of growing that you want to do. This main list simply comprises the most common tools that you can use across the indoor gardening spectrum.

A few helpful honourable mentions include:

  • Plant labels – great for identifying plants when starting indoor herbs or veggies.
  • Cachepots – these are essentially a pretty pot that your plain clay pots sit inside.
  • Plant lights – these are especially useful for northern regions during the long, dark winter.

That’s pretty much all you need unless you’re doing more specific gardening or live in an area that presents its own unique challenges. If that’s the case, visit a local garden centre and chat with the staff there. They’re usually very knowledgeable! 

I hope this list of the most essential indoor gardening supplies helps you know what supplies you need and which ones you can maybe wait to invest in at a later time.

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