13 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

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Tiny bathrooms can cause some major headaches when you need storage space for your stuff. Turn those headaches into creative solutions with these small bathroom storage ideas!

Wooden shelves with towels and bath supplies.

Bathrooms and kitchens. Those are the two rooms that demand the most attention (and make the biggest impact) in your home!

You can have a large bathroom with plenty of storage that needs some serious remodelling help. At the other end of the spectrum, you can have a tiny but beautiful bathroom and completely lack the storage you need.

There’s a way to get the best of both worlds! It all comes down to the types of storage solutions that you implement.

Here are some genius small bathroom storage ideas to help you turn your tiny bathroom into your favourite, most organized room of the entire house (on the cheap)!

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Inexpensive Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Small bathrooms can certainly present their fair share of challenges when it comes to fitting your stuff in them. But, having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you need to compromise on storage. 

All it takes is a little creativity to find a few storage solutions that help you get the most out of your (limited) space… and without the need for an expensive renovation. 😉

Take Advantage Of Vertical Storage Options

When you have limited storage space, you have to be very deliberate and methodical about how you create additional storage. Make use of your vertical space to get the most out of your tiny bathroom – the same way that crowded cities build up instead of out.

This could mean:

  • Hanging baskets on your wall
  • Using a tall narrow shelf unit
  • Installing other types of wall storage solutions

A tall narrow shelving unit being used as a small bathroom storage idea.

Hang Towel Racks

Don’t have a linen closet or bathroom cabinets to fill up? Hang a metal towel rack, which sort of looks like stacked outlines of shelves for an open concept storage option!

It’s perfect for holding extra bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and more. Simply roll any larger items, so they fit.

Buy A Storage Tower

If you’d prefer a closed concept storage idea and have the floor space, find a storage tower. There are lots of styles, sizes, and colours available, so you’re sure to find something you love that fits in your space.

Over The Toilet Storage

If you don’t have enough floor space for a tower or shelves, you can find units that fit around the toilet. They stand on tall legs to provide shelving above the toilet without taking up much wall space or the need for drilling into your wall to install shelves.

A white over-the-toilet storage rack.

Install Floating Shelves

I absolutely love the look of floating shelves, as you can see in my kitchen remodel.

Shelves are another great way to take advantage of your wall space. You can store nearly anything you need on them, from candles to extra toiletries, linens, and more.

Wooden floating shelves being used as a small bathroom storage idea.

Bins And Baskets

If you love open shelving and want to store items directly on your shelves, that works too!

A simple organization hack that can help you stay organized and hide your storage items to keep your bathroom tidy is to use bins and baskets.

Bonus: They can hold small items as well as large ones while keeping everything in its place.

Baskets on a bathroom shelving unit.

Hang A Cubby System

An alternative to shelves and bins is to hang a cubby system (or even a large shadow box) on your bathroom wall. This unit, which looks almost like a piece of furniture, can hold linens, toiletries, and any other items you need. 

In addition to creating a ton of storage space where there previously was none, it adds a beautiful focal point to the room.

A wooden cubby unit used as storage in a small bathroom.

Under The Sink Storage

If you have a vanity or cabinet that affords you the ability to store items under your sink, make the very most of that space. With the right setup, you can get a lot into a small space under your sink! 

Use different organizational tools to help, such as:

  • Bins
  • Baskets
  • A lazy Susan
  • DIY shelves

If you really want to get creative, you could create an organizational cubby type of system for under the sink (or just use shelf dividers).

Utilize The Inside Of The Cabinet Door

This works for bathrooms just like it does for kitchens! The inside of your vanity cabinet door is prime space just begging to be utilized!

Tip: Install small baskets, holders, magnet strips, and more to hold odds and ends.

Add A Hair Dryer Holder

In my own vanity, I have a multi-purpose hair dryer holder. It holds my hairdryer, curling irons, and more. It gives everything a “home” so the bathroom stays neat, organized and takes up as little space as possible. 

Put Hooks To Work

Need something ultra-simple but effective? Hooks may be your new best friend. They take up hardly any space and yet can be extremely helpful.

Install them on your walls (to use that empty wall space!) and hang robes, towels, or swimsuits (or anything else) that needs to dry. 

If necessary, you could even get creative with hooks and hang bags or other items to increase your storage even more or hang multiple levels of hooks to accommodate both shorter items and longer items.

Bath towels hanging on hooks in a small bathroom to save space.

Install Shower Niches

A few years ago, we had a leaking grout problem in our master shower which resulted in the need to remodel our master shower. It was not a planned remodel, so the budget for this necessary repair was very minimal. 

I found a super affordable tile, and we scrimped and got creative to work in other budget-friendly measures everywhere we could except for one place: shower niches. Our shower was tiny, and adding shelves or even a corner shelf stand just took up too much room. 

We got creative and splurged on shower niches. I couldn’t be happier!

We saved room in the shower and added a really nice feature that holds all our shower supplies and will last for years to come.

A shower niche being used as storage for bath items.

Medicine Cabinet

This small bathroom storage idea is an oldie but a goodie, and it’s an inexpensive solution. Many medicine cabinets now install so the storage part sits back into the wall, rather than sticking several inches from the wall.

It’s the wall version of the shower niche, and you can find them with an open front, a mirror door, cabinet door, or even a piece of artwork on the door!

An open medicine cabinet - the classic small bathroom storage idea.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas For The Win!

Bathrooms are one of those rooms that never seem to have enough storage space. However, having great storage methods is essential for keeping your home – and bathroom – clutter-free and gorgeous. 

No matter how tiny your bathroom is, these small bathroom storage ideas will help you take advantage of every square inch of your bathroom space. Before you know it, your small bathroom will go from being your most hated room to your favourite room in the house!

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