The Best Crochet Kits For Beginners (2022)

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Crocheting is quick and easy to learn when you have the right tools. Learn about crochet kits for beginners, how they can teach you this new skill faster, and check out my top kit recommendations!

Crochet needles with this t-shirt yarn against a bright white background.

If you’re just entering the wonderful world of crochet, it may be confusing where to start. Anytime you learn a new skill, there’s a learning curve, right? Learning to crochet is no different.

What kind of needle do you need? What kind of yarn can you use?

Have you ever tried reading a set of crochet instructions? It’s like reading an entirely new language!

I’m guessing that if you’re new to crochet, you have these plus a few more questions swirling around your brain.

You, my friend, need to get a crochet kit!

Crochet Kits For Beginners: What are they?

Crochet kits take all the guesswork out of starting to crochet. They have all the materials you need to complete your first project (or a new type of crochet project!) in one convenient package. Basically, they’re your one-stop-“shop” for learning how to crochet, and a great way to build your skills.

Sure, you can buy all your supplies individually and learn to crochet on your own, but a crochet kit makes the process much easier.

As a bonus, a few kits may even include additional basic supplies that you can continue to use in future crochet projects.

What You’ll Find In Beginning Crochet Kits

At the very least, in each kit, you’ll find well-written, detailed step by step instructions and the appropriate crochet hook for the project. Other basic supplies that some crochet kits may contain include:

  • Yarn (this is found in most kits)
  • Yarn Needle (aka Tapestry Needle)
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
A gold colored crochet hook intwined in a ball of teal colored yarn.

Benefits of Crochet Kits For Beginners

Why not just jump into a project of your choice and learn as you go? Again, have you seen crochet project instructions before?

I taught myself how to crochet without having any instruction or even anyone to really help me learn. I spent a ton of time searching different terms, techniques, and how-to guides online. Eventually, I did learn to crochet, but it was a much more time-intensive and frustrating process than it needed to be.

I wish I had been able to buy a crochet kit at the start of my crocheting journey, because it would have streamlined my learning curve and made the entire process much more enjoyable! In addition to saving time and frustration, here are more benefits for beginners using a crochet starter kit:

  • Designed for beginners – New skills are introduced at the appropriate times to eliminate any feelings of being overwhelmed. The process of grows your skillset so that it’s enjoyable.
  • Details, details, details – The instructions provided in these kits are extremely detailed. You don’t have to come into the project with existing skills because they tell you everything you need to know.
  • Offer value – By buying everything packaged together, you save money over buying all the items separately.
  • Convenient – There’s no need to spend an hour standing in the crochet aisle of your local craft store trying to figure out what hook size you need (only to return it when you finally figure out you bought the wrong one). The box contains every item you need to complete your specific project, saving you time, money, and frustration!

These kits help beginners to have fun while also learning a new skill. At the same time, crocheters of all skill levels can benefit from using kits when they want to try a new type of crochet for their next project. The only thing you need to worry about is setting aside the time to get crocheting!

A crochet kit with needles wool against a background of a crochet scarf.

Frequently Asked questions about Crochet Kits For Beginners

Do you still have questions about crochet sets for beginners in general? You may find the answer in this section.

What is the easiest thing to crochet for a beginner?

I personally learned to crochet by making beanie hats. It was wintertime, and I didn’t have one, so I made it! It’s a good idea for beginners to choose easy patterns to build their skills, rather than getting frustrated trying to learn on a complex pattern. Beginner-friendly projects could be:

What size crochet hook is best for beginners?

I recommend starting with an H/8 (5mm) hook. You can find them made of plastic or aluminum, but always choose aluminum, if possible. They’re just better quality! The H/8 crochet hook is a good middle-of-the-road size that’s comfortable in your hand and is easy to use for stitching.

I think starting with an H/8 hook is preferable to larger and smaller hooks which can have their challenges and be cumbersome.

Learn More: Crochet Hook Sizing

Different sized crochet hooks laid out on a table. When you buy a crochet kit you don't have to worry about choosing the right size hook.

Do you need 2 crochet hooks?

Unlike knitting, you do not need two crochet hooks of the same size. Over time, you may purchase additional sizes of crochet hooks for different types of yarns or projects. However, when you crochet, you only use one hook at a time.

What is the easiest stitch to crochet?

There are several great beginner-level stitches that you’ll want to master as soon as possible. I recommend starting with the slip knot and chain stitch. These are your basic stitches.

Then, follow those with the single crochet stitch. It’s one of the most versatile stitches. Once you learn it, you’ll be able to crochet chains, rows, rounds, and connect pieces of projects together when necessary.

Is crochet Easier than Knitting?

Crochet is generally considered easier than knitting. You only need one hook, which makes the project easier to manipulate with your free hand as you work. That doesn’t mean that crochet doesn’t get complicated, and certainly there is no sacrifice in the quality of the finished product.

Learn More: Knitting vs Crochet: Which is Better for Beginners?

Things To Look For With Crochet Starter Kits

Not every crochet kit is designed with beginners in mind. Keep an eye out for these things when purchasing your beginner kits:

Does it include a crochet hook?

Without a crochet hook, you can’t crochet! Make sure to read the list of materials included in the kit to verify that there’s at least one crochet hook on the list. I say at least one hook because there may be times when a different-size hook is required for part of the project. Either way, after the project is over you get to add the included hook to your collection of crochet tools!

Does the kit include yarn?

Believe it or not, not all kits include yarn! Because I prefer kits that offer convenience in one handy package, I don’t purchase kits requiring me to buy yarn separately.

That said, if you find a project kit you really want to do and it doesn’t include yarn, I say go for it!

Are the instructions clear and detailed?

In my opinion, you can buy crochet hooks and yarn anywhere. The biggest reason for buying a crochet kit is to help beginners learn how to read and understand crochet instructions. When choosing a crochet kit, make sure to read reviews first to determine if the instructions were easy to follow. If you’re just starting out, choose a project with a simple pattern.

Does the kit include any accessories?

For many projects, accessories are handy but not essential. Check the kit contents list to see if the box contains additional items, such as stitch markers, a tapestry needle, etc.

A beginner crochet kit with pink and grey a balls of yarn on white.

What is the best crochet kit for beginners?

Now, it’s time to dive into the fun part and point out some of the best crochet kits geared towards beginners!

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Lion Brand Yarn: Lulu Basket Bag

The neat thing about Lion Brand kits is that you can choose which parts of the kit you need. If you already own that size hook, for example, you can leave it off the order and save some money! You can also filter the projects by skill level, making it easy to choose the right project for you.

This crochet set is a beautiful little tote bag, perfect as an accessory, or even to start storing your crochet supplies!

Included in this kit:

  • Vel-Luxe jumbo yarn
  •  Siz Q Crochet Hook
  • Instructions and pattern

Crochet Scarf Kit

Designed with beginners in mind, this great crochet kit from We Are Knitters really does contain everything you need to make a beautiful scarf! It comes in 30+ colors of yarn! Also, the wool used in this scarf is pure luxury and would make an amazing handmade gift.

What’s inside:

  • 3 Skeins of wool (200 GR).
  • 15 mm / 19 US crochet hook
  • Digital Crochet Pattern
  • A small knitter’s sewing needle

Bernat Crochet Velvet Baby Sweater

Make a beautiful, soft baby sweater in practically no time! This sweater pattern uses Bernat’s Baby Velvet yarn, which is truly baby soft. This would be wonderful to make as a gift for new parents!

This beginner crochet kit is available in blue or pink.

What’s inside:

  • Detailed directions
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn (1 skein)

QCZKB Coaster Crochet Kit

Coasters are a terrific beginner crochet project to tackle! This full kit includes bright and colorful yarn to make the project fun. Plus, with the supplies and directions provided, you could make a handbag, belt, or placemat instead of coasters, if you desire.

What’s inside:

  • 2 crochet hooks
  • 16 skeins of yarn
  • 2 tapestry needles
  • 8 stitch markers
  • Directions

Darn Good Yarn DIY Amigurumi Crochet Cactus Kit

Amigurumi is the art of using crochet in the round to create 3D animals, plants, and toys. It’s wildly fun, and the end result is always adorable. Dip your toe into amigurumi by making this cactus kit.

What’s inside:

  • Crochet hook 
  • Knitting needles
  • Yarn
  • Stuffing
  • Directions

Beginner’s Crochet Hat Kit

I may be biased, but I think making a crochet hat is the perfect way to learn crochet! Here’s an easy-to-follow crochet kit perfect for a complete beginner.

What’s inside:

  • Enough yarn for the project 
  • Directions
  • Link to a video tutorial
  • Metal size G crochet hook 
  • Project tote

Crochet Winter Throw

This winter throw has an amazing fuzzy texture, which makes it oh-so-cozy! Like all other Lion Brand Kits, this one lets you pick and choose which tools you need so you don’t end up paying for crochet tools you already have.

What’s inside:

  • Go for Fleece Sherpa Yarn (available in a variety of different colors)
  • Crochet hook
  • Directions

Crochet Kits: An easy way for Beginners to get started

Crochet kits for beginners can help make learning to crochet a stress-free and enjoyable task. They also make the perfect gift for any crocheter, because you don’t have to worry about whether they have all the needed tools or materials.

If you want to learn to crochet in a fun and relaxing way, check out these kits! Which project will you make for your next masterpiece?

Editorial note: This post was originally published on October 29, 2021, and was updated on February 18, 2022.

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