Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards for The Forgetful but Well Intentioned.

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We do this every year. It’s starting to become a thing.  We forget to buy Valentine’s Day cards. 

Since all the good spouses already bought their Valentine’s Day cards weeks ago, we’re out of luck.   The options in our small town are limited.  Once the good stuff is gone, it’s gone.

So I decided that I would make him one this year.  He’s a great card maker.   He will draw something cute and add a few inside jokes.  I love them.   I’m more likely to save those too. I find them much more sentimental.

Maybe we’ve started a tradition where we forget Valentine’s Day every year and make our cards.

This year I ended up making four cards.  I was having so much fun I forgot I only needed one. I guess that means I’m three years ahead of the game.


Printing & Trimming your Valentine’s Day Cards

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Valentine's Day Cards

I designed these cards for 8.5 x11 paper.    Just click and print, nothing special to set up or change.  I used my favorite bright white 65lb card stock.

The white cards do not need any trimming, but the colored cards will not print to the edge.  You can trim them with scissors, but I recommend a simple paper cutter.

Valentine's day cards trimmed with a manual cutter.

If you need a cutter, this is the Paper Trimmer I use.  It has a paper scorer as well as a cutting blade.  It works great.  You can cut and score these cards in no time flat.   Scoring these Valentine’s day cards is essential if you want a nice crisp fold.

Homemade Valentine's day card scored with a manual cutter.

You shouldn’t have any issues printing these.  I set them up to print without needing any song & dance.  If you do have any issues, send me an email or leave a comment and I will help you out.

Four style of Valentine's Day cards.









The font  I used I purchased at the Creative Market.  The font bundle is called  Chin Up Buttercup.  Super adorable.  I use this font on my blog and my graphics, it’s my current favorite.  You can find it here.

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