Mini Succulent Pots you can Make in a Snap

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These mini succulent pots are easy to make and make a nifty handmade gift for any green thumb gardener on your list.

The best part is, they require very few materials and don’t require a whole lot of DIY savvy.  Bonus.

That’s a lie; the best part is that the turn out stinking cute!

A gardeners Christmas theme

This year I am changing up our holiday theme.  For the past several years it’s been white and red, whimsical and jolly, but since we transitioned the house over to a rustic farmhouse feel, that jolly red Christmas decorating just isn’t cutting anymore.

I need something a bit more toned down, with a few natural elements.

I tested a few things in the summer, played around with “themes,” and made a few colour palettes.  It was during this time I thought about making a “gardener’s tree.”

Mini succulent pots in tiny macrame plant hangers - hanging in a Christmas tree.

No, I never ended up keeping that idea, but if anyone is interested that tree would have been all flowers, and fun ornaments made with a gardener in mind.  Think mini cutting sheers, paper dahlias, and these cute mini hanging planters.

Although I didn’t follow through on the gardener’s tree idea (feel free to steal it, run with it. If you do, send me pictures!), I did end up with a few super cute ideas.

These mini succulent pots that look like macrame hanging planters seemed so cute when I finished that I had to share them, even if I wasn’t going with a gardener’s tree this year.

Three mini succulent planters lined up in front of a bright window.

Taking Christmas Pictures in the middle of a heat wave

So my neighbors already think I am totally off my rocker.   I do things that always make them ask… what are you doing now?  Seriously I get that question a lot.   So when I went outside with my Christmas lights, ladder & camera, you better believe I got some strange looks.

I set up in front of the house with our giant blue spruce trees to take these pictures.

When it’s the middle of summer, and you’re trying to get Christmas photos, it’s not easy.   I just wanted folks to know that the Christmas photos for these mini succulent pots are fake!

I didn’t want anyone thinking I was setting up a Christmas tree in early September.   We have to wait until at least the end of September, right?

(only half kidding)

Mini hanging planter in a pine tree.

Supplies and Tool List

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  • Glue Gun
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors

Just as a quick note, I made larger macrame hangers for a DIY planter, and those instructions are the same, just demonstrated with much larger pieces of rope.  You may find those instructions easier to see. You can find that post here.

Step 1

Cut eight pieces of 8-inch long twine.

Keychain ring on a table next to a half loop of string.

Step 2

Fold the twine lengths in half and loop around your key ring as shown in the photograph.

String looped through the keychain ring per instructions.

Step 3

Add a piece of painters tape across your lengths of twine 1 inch from the bottom of your knot on your keychain loop.  Separate the strands into four pairs as shown below.

String loop pulled tight on the keychain ring. The strings are taped down an inch from the ring, then split into pairs going in different directions.

Step 4

Add a knot to each set of strands.   You want to try to make these knots as evenly as possible across the four sets so the hanger isn’t lopsided.  You can gently coax the knots down to the tape.

This part of the process is a bit finicky, don’t tighten your knot too much in case you need to undo it and try again.  You want to get the knots lined up as carefully as possible to the line you made with the tape.

One of the string pairs being tied in a knot.

Step 5

Divide the twine sets again, this time separating the 1st and 8th strand away from the middle six strands.  Place a piece of painters tape 1.25 inches from the 1st set of 4 knots above.

Knot your three sets of strands as you did with the first set of knots.   The 1st and 8th strands will be knotted together at the same 1.25-inch length. For diagram purposes, it was just easier to move them out of the way.

All 4 pairs of string tied into knots, then separated and paired with neighboring strings.

Step 6

Add a final knot at the bottom by gathering up all your strings.  Make a knot 1.5 inches from the bottom of the last set of knots.   Tidy up the bottom of your mini macrame planter by snipping the ends even, as shown in the photo below.

A final knot tied at the base of the string, holding all 8 strings together.

Step 7

Test your sizing by adding the pot and fitting the hanger around the bottom.  If the planter sits too low, you can move your knot.   Alternately if you want something a bit longer, go ahead and make your lengths of twine longer at the start and add more knots sequences at the top of the mini macrame hanger.

Finished product shot, a mini terracotta pot hanging in the macrame we just made. A tiny succulent is planted in the pot.

Step 8 – Optional

I added small pieces of cotton-lace ribbon around my mini succulent pots because it gave a bit more oomph.  I thought they looked super cute with the rim trimmed.  Completely optional step.  You can skip this step depending on how you want your mini hanging planters to look.

Two mini planters hanging side by side. They each have a small piece of lace around the rim.

Painting, clay, mod podge, or cement.  Get creative with your mini succulent pots!

You can do SO many different things with these mini succulent pots to change up the look.

If you want to paint them, I highly suggest Rustoleum for plastics.  It gives a glossy ceramic look to terracotta. You may need to gently sand these mini terracotta pots to get a smooth finish because they have a bit of texture.

Mod Podge your heart out by adding printed napkins or scrapbook paper.

Or paint on some plaster of Paris to your mini succulent planters to make them look like white porcelain.  You could even use a tiny bit of mix cement to create mini concrete hanging planters.

If you can’t find the twine colour you want, you can always dye it.  Just make sure your twine or cording is 100% cotton, and you can dye them to your heart’s content.

3 finished mini pots hanging in a window.

Christmas Themes

So before I end this post I wanted to ask, how many of you theme your Christmas decorations?  Do you go traditional, or do you rock modern trends?

I’ve loved my red and white decorations for about a decade, but I want to change it up this year.

I’ve waffled on ideas and colours and although I do have in my head what I want to do, I don’t feel like I am truly committed.

(or maybe I should be truly committed!)

What are your thoughts about Christmas decorations, themes, and trends?   Are you doing anything different this year?  Inquiring minds do want to know. Is it even too early ask?

Not comfortable leaving a comment? You can always feel free to send me an email.


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